#BEDM Day 1: 5 Lines

#BEDM is a series of posts and stands for Blog Every Day in May. I saw this idea on Nina‘s blog (here). It is the brain child of Elizabeth from Rosalilium.com and the perfect way for me to try get my blogging mojo back! You can find all the details here. There’s even a calendar with suggestions for each day. I won’t stick to them rigidly but they may give some handy prompts when writers block hits! Todays post suggestion is… 5 Lines.

The idea for this post is that I write 5 lines telling you about myself. I think a better idea is to link you to the 5 posts that are most about me!

1. About me
2. About me tag
3. Another tag about me
4. Yet another tag
5. 50 Questions tag

I’m now wishing I was more imaginative with my titles! Wish me luck with keeping up on my posts for the month! Are you doing #BEDM? Are there any other tags that you would recommend?

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9 Responses to #BEDM Day 1: 5 Lines

  1. Nina says:

    brilliant I love it 🙂 we can be Irish Blog Every Day in May back ups you kick my butt into action if I havent posted up one and visa versa lol

  2. Rach says:

    Good luck with it! 🙂 I’ve just started my blog and hoping to do a post most days too.

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  5. I think I will try

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