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#BEDM Day 31: One whole month!

Wow! What a month it has been. I cannot believe that #BEDM is over. 😦 I am also incredibly shocked that I actually managed to post every single day! 😀 Although I signed up to do so I would have … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 30 & #ThinThursday – life update

As I mentioned in my ‘morning ritual’ post I had a hospital appointment yesterday. I have now officially been diagnosed with PCOS. I’ve had all the symptoms for years so it was a relief to finally get the diagnosis and … Continue reading

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Update: Blogger Meetup – June 1st 2013 – Dublin

As you would have seen in this post the lovely Katie Healy has organised a blogger meetup for June 1st in Dublin. Now that it is only a matter of hours to the event really there are some updates; 1.) … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 29: Morning ritual

In this post I outlined a regular work going morning. At weekends things are always a little different with me waking, checking my bloods, taking my meds, going downstairs and letting the dogs out, grabbing something small for breakfast and … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 28: Bad Advice

Personal confession time! In the past I was addicted to buying pop-psychology/self-help books. I bought loads of them and some of them are still knocking about the house. Some are useful and make nice coffee table books to a degree. … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 27: Secret Talent

I think one of the things people in my ‘real life’ are most surprised to learn about me is that I am a qualified MakeUp Artist. I don’t wear makeup daily so I think people presume that it’s something that … Continue reading

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#BEDM Day 26: Fantasy Dinner Party

I hadn’t planned to stick to this one but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to. I have chosen five blogging/vlogging people to come to my party and have stuck to people that I haven’t met … Continue reading

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