Review: Mane ‘n’ Tail Hoofmaker

Mane 'N' Tail Hoofmaker hand cream

There has been lots of talk lately about Mane ‘n’ Tail. Most of it has been about the hair products but it was the hand cream that I really wanted to try out. I eventually managed to get my hands on some in March.

The ‘spiel’:

Straight from the horse’s mouth; Mane‘n Tail hair-care products, loved by A-list celebs including Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Aniston and Demi Moore, also make a cream to moisturise dry, cracked skin on hands, feet and other areas of the body.

 Mane‘n’Tail Hoofmaker is a multi-purpose moisturising cream for dry and cracked skin, which produces great results on hands, elbows, and feet.  Priced at €7.95 for 175ml, Hoofmaker helps maintain strong and flexible nails, softens calluses, and conditions areas of rough skin by restoring vital nutrients and moisture to dry skin and nails in a greaseless formula, that doesn’t leave a sticky residue.  It’s essentially a manicure and pedicure in a bottle!

 During cold weather humidity is usually quite low, especially indoors, this allows water to evaporate much more rapidly from the skin. In addition, skin cells tend to freeze and rupture, resulting in chapped or cracked skin.  Using a cream such as Hoofmaker, provides a twofold protection: partial insulation of the skin from the cold, and a moisture barrier to prevent excess evaporation.

 Developed in New Jersey 40 years ago, Mane‘n Tail started life as a horse grooming products.  Clever horse owners tried Mane‘n Tailproducts on themselves and soon discovered that with just the tiniest amount of this ultra-rich formula, they too enjoyed outstanding results and amazing improvement in dry and damaged hair, hands, feet and nails.

 Mane‘n Tail is now one of Walmart’s biggest hair-care sellers in the U.S., and is a multi-award winning product in beauty trials around the globe.  A full range of shampoos, conditioners, detangling, strengthening, and shine products has been developed, alongside the original formula, with luxurious ‘Colour Protect’, ‘Deep Moisturising’ and ‘Herbal Gro’ variations included, each designed for different hair types including dry, coloured, anti-dandruff, and oily formulations. 

 Packaging on the ‘original’ Mane‘n Tail hair-care range hasn’t changed, with galloping horses to the fore on functional blue and yellow packs.  This marketing decision emphasises the fact that the rich, highly effective formula hasn’t changed either, and forty years later still promises excellent products at great value prices. “

My view:

€7.95 is more than I would normally pay for a hand cream. For that price you do get a larger than average tube which is good but also impractical if you are someone like me who likes to have a hand cream in their handbag. There is nothing special about the packaging so I am not going to go into detail about that. The product itself is great – very moisturising and soaks in quickly leaving no gloopy residue on your hands just a feeling of moisturised protection. There is something about this hand cream that I can’t quite put my finger on but it does feel a little different on your hands as you rub it in. It’s nothing bad and to be honest it’s probably what makes it so efficient. In addition to using this on my hands, I also used it on dry patches on my elbows and found that it eliminated them almost immediately and kept them under control with daily use.

I think the best way to review this product is actually to tell you that when I arrived home with it I was staying with my parents and I had to endure about a 10 minute lecture from my mother about buying ‘yet another hand cream’ when she had so many in the house that she could sell them! Indeed, if anyone knows her hand creams it is Mammy Friday as she always has one on the go. We are a family that suffer with dry skin. Dry hands, dry elbows and dry feet are the major complaints.

It is a tribute to this hand cream that having left it in the communal area during my stay it was well and truly snaffled and I didn’t manage to bring it away with me. Apparently all the other hand creams could easily be forgotten after she had given this magical product a try. 😉 When I visited another family member the following week I was then asked what the hand cream Mammy Friday was using was (“The one with the funny name that she has left in the window!”) as it had been sampled during a visit and they wanted to  make a purchase as they loved it so much! Not only that but in a recent phone call I have also been informed that both shampoo and conditioner from the same brand have been purchased by Mammy Friday… There is no higher praise to be honest as she is a lady who likes quality products at a good price and for her to try something new without persuasion is quite unusual.

So overall, from my somewhat brief encounter with the product and the feedback that I have received from my wider family I am happy to recommend the Hoofmaker and am back on the hunt for another tube of it for myself! I’ll be keeping it well hidden this time! 🙂

Do your family steal your products? Have you tried any of the Mane ‘n’ Tail products? What do you think of the story behind them? Let me know!


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5 Responses to Review: Mane ‘n’ Tail Hoofmaker

  1. Aundrea says:

    I loooooove the hoof maker. It got rid of the ridges in my nails, strengthened them, got rid of my dry skin. It’s epic 🙂 x

    • It’s amazing. I miss it 😦

    • Kathie says:

      Aundrea….I have horrible ridges in my nails and have tried everything under the sun. Did you find that your nails would start to break if you used the hoofmaker too much. I’m just wondering about the protein and some blogs have said “too much protein and your nails will start to snap”. Thanks for any input!c

  2. chloekeeleypower says:

    I didn’t even know they made a hand cream! Though I never seem to remember to apply it..

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