My first Illamasqua Haul – April 2013

Back in March Illamasqua was a brand that really came to be on my radar and I will do a post shortly to explain why… All the talk of it just served to remind me that I didn’t own any of their products and I started to feel like I was missing out! 😦 I’d heard great things about the brand but to be honest the price tag was just a little too steep for me. This was further compounded by the fact that Illamasqua can only be purchased online in Ireland since their counters here closed. I wasn’t willing to risk the money on something I hadn’t even had a change to look at, it didn’t matter how good YouTube claimed it was! 😉

At the end of March I was on the Illamasqua website lusting over some of the pigments when I realised that some of them were reduced to £8 (€9.57) instead of the usual £15.50 (€18.54). I had recently watched the Glitterbits gift exchange between Marie Bitsnclips and Louise SprinkleofGlitter where Louise gifted Beguile to Marie. Louise described it as her ‘holy grail eye product’. When I realised that Beguile was one of the pigments on special offer I took it as a sign and purchased it – and three others to justify the postage (£9)!

Illamasqua pigment chasm furore beguile android

I placed my order on the website on April 1st (Easter Bank Holiday Monday), was notified on the 3rd April that it had shipped, and it arrived to me on the morning of April – less than a week after ordering. As you can see from the photos above the packaging theme is very much black. The box that the products come in is a plain black box filled with black tissue paper. The four pigments were then in a small transparent bag to ensure their safety. I’m not quite sure why but two of the boxes had a window in them and two didn’t… I’m guessing there is some repackaging going on!

Illamasqua pigment Chasm Android

(l-r: Chasm, Android)

The two pigments in the boxes without windows were Chasm and Android. I literally just popped my finger on the pigment for a second in order to grab enough powder to swatch. These pigments will last forever given how little it took!

Illamasqua pigment Furore Beguile

(l-r: Furore, Beguile)

The pigments that were identifiable through the window in the boxes were Furore and Beguile. Beguile is a lot more sparkly than I had expected but I am *loving* the texture of Furore as at first impression it is lovely easy to use colour with no glitter. The other three colours have varying degrees of glitter in them and I am curious to see how they are for fallout when I finally get to use them properly!

Handy hint: Do not convert the prices from £ to € on the website as you seem to pay a higher price that way and your bank/PayPal will convert it for you anyway.

Do you have any Illamasqua products? Are you put off products that are only available online meaning you can’t get to see them in advance?


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6 Responses to My first Illamasqua Haul – April 2013

  1. poggemancaro says:

    This is one brand I have yet to try! Thanks for the review!

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