#ThinThursday: On the Up!

Good news! Things are improving! Finally I hear you all say and I cannot agree more. I haven’t stepped on a scales so I can’t actually comment on my weight loss (or otherwise!) but overall I am feeling much more positive.

My health is improving so hopefully it stays that way. I have managed to get back doing some exercise and my muscles have that achey feeling that let me know I have actually done something! I have also received my sportswear that I ordered online, my sports bra that I ordered in has arrived and I have bought “Run Fat Bitch Run” – a book by Ruth Field which apparently helps you find your inner ‘grit’ to motivate you for running. Basically she is talking to your inner voice – the one that knows you aren’t happy with your body/health but can never quite shout loud enough to get you off the couch and actually exercise or get you to choose a salad rather than processed high-salt high-fat food! I am determined to get started running before too long. It might not be for me but at least I will know!*

So this was really just a quick update but hopefully by next week there will be more to update you on! Hope you are all well! How are things going for you?


*For those of you who expressed concern about me starting running I want to thank you for your concern but I am seeking advice from my GP and dietician and know to take things slowly so no need to worry!

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7 Responses to #ThinThursday: On the Up!

  1. Chloe says:

    Well done! I have Run Fat Bitch run & it definitely works – I bought it before work one morning & started it on my lunch break, & really wanted to get moving straight away!

    • That’s what I’m hoping! I had the pleasure of meeting Ruth Field in the past and she would definitely inspire you. All her advice is so practical and she was just so lovely that it gave me extra faith in her! Have you started running? Any additional advice?

  2. Great post! I’ve really gotten into the #ThinThursday mode myself. I’m completely unfit and running would be something I would be interested in doing. – I’ve just to stop making excuses!

    • That’s what RFBR is about! Now that the weather is improving and the evenings are brighter I feel like I have fewer excuses. I have also promised a family member to climb a mountain with them by this time next year so the pressure is on!

  3. Glitter Mama says:

    Ahhh well done, you’re staying on track and getting there slowly but surely, and as long as you’re starting to feel healthier, thats great! x

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