Hello Sunshine! Cocoa Brown tan review

Cocoa Brown Tan is one of  the newest tans on the market in Ireland. It’s an Irish product formulated for Irish skins but being honest, I’m not into tanning so I really can’t comment too much on the facts and figures. As your stereotypical pale Irish girl I burn on those rare occasions we see sun in Ireland. In fact, I burn, peel and go back to white!

Cocoa Brown Marissa Carter fake tan

Fake tan is something that has always scared me. I have horrendously dry skin that can react very strangely to new products. The one time I did try one of those moisturisers that builds to a colour it resulted in some very upset skin that turned out streaky/patchy and orange. The end result was that I gave up on fake tan completely but I have to admit the recent reviews of Cocoa Brown tan had me rethinking… At the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS I finally managed to pick up a bottle and had been looking forward to trying it out. (You can see a pic of the stand and the lovely girls above!) Of course, I had forgotten to pick up a mitt so I had to find one of those first… Then a family member had an accident, and then I got ill – so it has taken a while to get some time to myself!

Having been sick this week and with the change in the weather I was really feeling glum so on Monday I took the opportunity to exfoliate and finally managed to apply the tan. It was very easy to apply. Shake up the can to activate the mousse, apply to the mitt and rub onto legs. The mousse has a colour to it so it was very easy to see where it had been applied and to make sure I hadn’t missed any areas. I managed to get some on my arm (I have no idea how!) but it was easily washed off and didn’t stain.

Once I had applied to the desired areas it was time to sit back and wait… I was super anxious about it so watched the clock for the entire hour. I was terrified that I was going to end up too orange but I really didn’t need to worry. The residue was quickly washed off with no transfer to towels afterwards which was a welcome bonus!

Cocoa Brown tan can be left on for 1-3 hours. I left it on for the minimum time but even if you were to leave it on overnight it will stop developing after three hours. Obviously the longer you leave it the deeper a colour you will have at the end. An hour left me with a very subtle colour on my legs – just enough that I no longer looked luminous white and yet I didn’t look at all ‘fake’. I have to admit – I LOVE it! 😀 Not only that but my skin has shown absolutely no reaction, in fact it even seems a little less dry than ususal. I suspect that the next time I use this I will try leave it for a little bit longer to see how it will turn out. A new addiction could be forming!

At only €7.99 Cocoa Brown tan is a bargain! It is available at most local pharmacies and a full stockist list can be found on www.cocoabrown.ie. It’s proving very popular so is selling out regularly but I also know that there are some new products in the pipeline so keep your eyes out for those too!


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5 Responses to Hello Sunshine! Cocoa Brown tan review

  1. Love this too, such a great product and brilliant that it’s Irish!

  2. Deefu says:

    Great review, I thought it was only me that experienced the subtle color, as all the other reviews I’ve read claimed they got a brilliant color.

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