#ThinThursday: Onwards and downwards

Can you believe that I was in bed and actually got up to write this post!?! I must be mad! 😛

Anyway, as I said in my last post, my motivation is still somewhat MIA although there are rumours that a new month beginning tomorrow my resurrect it! Fingers crossed! I didn’t manage to really do anything for Lent so I am hoping to really give the weight loss/new lifestyle a boost in March and go on from there. I need to get around the mental blocks that I am putting in to sabotage myself. Weightloss is currently at a standstill if not a gain 😦 This isn’t what I want but I have no one else to blame!

All the girls on Twitter have been an amazing support but I do think there is something in the air as a few of us are feeling a bit dejected and unmotivated. Hopefully the brighter evenings will help us!

In the meantime, to take the focus off the weight specifically, I am setting myself some non-weight loss targets.

  • I am aiming to have all of my makeup sorted into my new vanity area in the next week or so (depending on when storage I am waiting on arrives!).
  • I am also trying to get back into reading more. I’ve been using my phone for this as I have downloaded a few books for free with various offers and haven’t actually gotten around to reading them yet.
  • I am also hoping to try at least 3 new recipes as I am starting to get a bit bored with the same foods over and over again.

I also have some time off at the end of March so will be using that time to tackle my garden (weather permitting) and spending some time with friends. I’m hoping if I relax and reclaim some time for myself that I will remember to prioritise my health more – both mental and physical! 

In order to earn myself some good karma from the universe I have actually made Rocky Road to bring to my colleagues at work tomorrow. It killed me not to taste any and I’m going to have to avoid tea break in work tomorrow while they eat it but it also showed me that I can still enjoy making things like that in my ‘new’ life even if I can’t eat it!

How do you relax? Have you any good recipes for me? What are you looking forward to the most about Spring finally really being here?


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3 Responses to #ThinThursday: Onwards and downwards

  1. Aundrea says:

    You’re so positive. I love it! I’ve had a major setback in my weightloss journey and I’m not in a good place with it. But your post made me smile and I’m happy you’re still positive 😉 x

  2. have you tried using evernote as a productivity app? i tend to use checklists and notes a lot. Like yourself I have a lot of plans but it’s reminding yourself of them while you have the time thats the trouble!

    Don’t be too productive though, somtimes all you need when you get time off is just to rest and be : ) not to worry too much about what you should or could be doing

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