#ThinThursday – Motivation MIA

The title says it all really – I am lacking in motivation these days. I really want to just eat all around me and drink *all* of the wine but for obvious reasons I can’t! As I am not as motivated I know I have slipped a little in my exercise and food choices so the weight loss has stalled. This does not help my motivation. I have told myself that this will be the week that it picks up again. I had set myself certain resolutions for Lent… But I broke them the first day!

I am being gifted an exercise bike in the next while so that will give me something new to do and hopefully that will help me not get bored. I have also set myself some personal targets of things to do that I am hoping will help me to clear my mind of clutter so that I can focus on my health better. No more using illness as an excuse. My chest infection-type illness does not seem to want to go away so all I can do is focus on getting on with things.

Apologies for the ramble – next week *will* be better! Going to focus on the fact that I am still 27lb down and going to make sure that I make it to 28lb by next week. I feel like that 2 stone barrier is one that is as hard to break in my mind as it is on the scales.

Hope you are all doing well my lovelies! If you have any hints on how to increase my motivation (or have seen it anywhere!) please let me know. All help appreciated!


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9 Responses to #ThinThursday – Motivation MIA

  1. Aundrea says:

    You’re doing great missus! Keep up the good work! 🙂 x

  2. I know what you mean about keeping motivated. I feel like I’m just adding on the weight even though I’ve been eating healthy 😦 Very disappointing

    • It’s really hard when you feel like that! I think I might go back to keeping a food diary as it allows me to track my slips more easily! That way I can be realistic about portion sizes etc.

  3. Motivation has lost me for the last two weeks but I think Lent was another focus haha:P It’s great you’re getting an exercise bike though, its like it’ll be right there telling you to work! I am back on board and need motivation too and we will do it together x You’re doing so well

    • Thanks for the encouragement! Not sure where the bike will go to be honest. Currently have a gravity walker hogging my sitting room too! Think the grey weather has gotten to us all. Onwards and downwards! 😉

  4. kim anabella says:

    Oh wow, good luck girl! Two stone is a very big milestone. New clothes shop coming up : )
    I think once I’d lost a certain amount the walking didn’t do much for me. Can you download any dance dvds? I used to do bellydancing,pole & pilates before I ruined my back last year!

    I know how you feel about illness, just do what you can and set small goals-they roll into the bigger one’s in no time. : ) I have just been grumbling to my chap about my birthday coming up in 6 weeks and the fact that I’m 2 stone heavier than I was before I got hurt! If I make an effort now I;’l hopefully have less to grumble about once the big 3-0 rolls around : P

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