#ThinThursday – week 4 update

I have decided (at the last minute as you can see) to do an update in addition to the recipe I posted as this has been a pretty good week for me.

As I have mentioned I am diabetic. As part of this I am attending a dietician to help me with weight management and food choices/nutrition education. I’m not attending any weight loss groups/classes and up to Christmas I was being weighed only at appointments and making a point of not weighing myself at home. My last appointment was at the end of November and due to Christmas I didn’t have another until today. Up to that date I had lost 20lb. Today I was told that I have lost another half stone – so 7lb. Hard to believe I am just one lb off having two stone gone! Also, I have to admit, a bit frustrating that it isn’t a round two stone!

As I said, up to Christmas I wasn’t weighing myself at home. When I knew I was going to be doing #ThinThursday posts and with the start of Operation Transformation I decided I would allow myself to be weighed weekly on the Wii. I weighed myself last night and my appointment was this morning so that will give me a good guide on how the losses are going for the next while.

My next big appointment is at the end of March and I have been set the target of having a further 8-12lb off. Much more reasonable than the targets Dr Ava sets on Operation Transformation and I don’t get roared at either so it’s win/win! 😛

Oh, and to celebrate I got my hair done and splurged on highlights so feeling very pretty right now! Also spent some of my Boots points on a treat for myself so it wasn’t the worst day! 😉

Hope you are all well! Weekend is almost here! 😀 *hugs*


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