#ThinThursday – Chicken Curry recipe

Last week I posted a bit about food so this week I am sharing probably my favourite recipe – Chicken Curry. I have always loved spicy food and since I have started making this myself I would never touch a jar of curry again. The added bonus being that it is healthy! I don’t do measurements as such so hopefully the recipe makes sense.

Chicken Curry

diced chicken breast – I always ask the butcher to dice mine for me to save time.
diced onion
red pepper and yellow or orange pepper
sugar snap peas
baby sweetcorn
curry powder
stock cubes/pots
rapeseed oil/olive oil

Optional – depending if I have them in the house
granny smith apple
fresh pineapple
water chestnuts

Seal the chicken in a wok. I usually put some of the curry powder in at this stage so that the chicken is really well flavoured. I then add the onion and mushroom and saute them for a bit before adding the peppers, sugarsnap peas and baby sweetcorn. I make up about 700mls of stock using two stock pots and mix it with some more of the curry powder and add it all to the veg and chicken. I use some cornflour mixed with cold water to thicken the curry to a nice consistency.

If I am using sultanas I add them fairly early on in the process as they are nicest when they get to absorb some of the liquid. All of the other stuff I tend to add towards the end. I hate when the veg is too soft so I don’t cook it for too long. It’s all up to personal choice. I find that by having lots of different colours, textures and tastes in it that I enjoy it more and it keeps me full for longer the more veg there is in it. I serve this with brown rice of late and it’s not as bad as I had expected! 😉

Let me know if you try it! Have you any old reliable recipes that you turn to? Feel free to share!


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2 Responses to #ThinThursday – Chicken Curry recipe

  1. Glitter Mama says:

    Thats a change from the way I’d usually make my curry, looks yummy! I always ask the butchers to dice my chicken too, saves me having to touch it, that makes me squirmish, ugh haha! xx

    • It makes it so much easier when you can avoid the bits you hate doesn’t it! I also try buy the trays of chopped onion when I can as its another hated job! I figure when I’m saving on takeaways etc that its a way of treating myself.

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