She Said Beauty Box – November 2012

My She Said Beauty box for November arrived this morning but I only got to open it tonight due to having been at the Inglot bloggers event. This is the last of my boxes in my six month subscription so I need to decide if I will subscribe further or give it a break for a while.

The first thing that struck me about this box was how untidy it looked! 😦 I’m not sure what was going on with the ‘straw’ sticking out over the edge when I went to open it but it somehow made it feel less like a treat and more like something someone had thrown together in a hurry! One of the things that I enjoy about beauty boxes is that they feel a bit like a present. If a friend of mine gave me a present looking like this, I’d start looking at how I had been treating them to deserve this lack of thought!

This box didn’t wow me to be honest. There is nothing in it that I am really looking forward to using. On the flipside it’s a practical box as I will use many of the things as they are staples: night cream, shampoo/conditioner, nail files, neutral lip gloss, body spray. There wasn’t really anything in this box that you could go wrong with! The one criticism I would have in relation to the products is that So…? body spray is considered to be aimed at quite a young demographic; and not really at people that are likely to use night cream if we’re being realistic so I’m not sure what age group this box was aimed at!

I’ve worked out approximate values from the card enclosed in the box:
So…? Brit body spray (Full size – 50ml) worth £1.99
Makebelieve enhance Shimmer lip gloss (full size – 15ml) worth £10
Murrays Manicure Matchbook nail files (full size) worth £1.99
Weleda wild Rose Soothing Night Cream (sample – 5ml) worth approximately £2.49
Redken Smooth Lock shampoo and conditioner (sample 10ml of each) Shampoo worth approximately 40 pence. Conditioner worth approximately 54 pence. Combined worth of approximately 94 pence.
Yardley Royal English Daisy Eau de Toilette (sample – 1ml) worth approximately 20 pence

That makes the total value of this box approximately £17.61. Overall a very ‘meh’ box in my opinion and this seems to be the way the boxes are going in general. I suspect this may be the end of the road for myself and She Said Beauty – at least for a while!


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2 Responses to She Said Beauty Box – November 2012

  1. Glitter Mama says:

    Ooooh wouldn’t be happy with that myself, after trying beauty boxes myself I’ve come to the conclusion I m better off spending say €15 a month on myself on something I really love and will use 🙂 Though I’m sure Ill be suckered in again, it’s just the whole surprize thing I love, but it’s so dissapointing when it’s all stuff you won’t use

    • I got a 6 month subscription on special offer so gave it a try. I’ve tried Glossybox and Carmine in the past. Glossybox didn’t wow me but I loved Carmine til Glossybox bought them out! 😦

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