Inglot Freedom System

As a makeup artist I love to have good quality products that are easy to transport about and the Inglot Freedom System has provided me with this. While I have a variety of products in my kit quite a few of them are Inglot and out of that the majority are the Freedom System range.

As you can see from the picture above the Freedom System is a palette system which is stackable as it utilises magnets to hold the lids in place and also allows the palettes of the same size to magnetise to each other and keeps them secure. You can get pretty much all the products you would need for a makeup kit in this range. I have pressed powders (highlighter, bronzers, blushers), eyeshadows, lipsticks and concealers.

I love the fact that this system is so customisable. As you can see above I have one 10 pan eyeshadow palette but all of my other eyeshadows (so far) are in 5 pan palettes and done in such a way that complementing colours are kept together. This makes it so easy to just have to pull out one palette for a look instead of having to keep rummaging for products. I have also done similar with my lipsticks and concealers in that I have one 3 pan palette specifically for red lips and another with concealer and colour corrector. I find this is a really great and space saving way of having my products.

The negatives I find for this system are ones that I think are almost universal. One, that the shades are numbered and not named. This makes them difficult to remember and has resulted in me buying duplicates on occasion. Two, the fact that you need to remove the pans from the palette in order to see what they are named. This can be quite difficult to do as they are very secure when they are magnetised in and in trying to get them out one or two of them have suffered some ‘gouging’ at the hands of magnets and tweezers!

Overall however, I would not be without these palettes and I do plan on going into them in more depth with you over the next while – one I get the numbers off the back of all the pans! 😉

Do you like the idea of the Freedom palette? Do you have one? What colours would you put in your ideal palette?

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2 Responses to Inglot Freedom System

  1. ltbeautyblog says:

    I love the Inglot Freedom System. It took me so long to put my palette together. They have so many colours to chose from. I really enjoyed the experience. I find them to be great quality too & long wearing. I will be buying more for sure — there is a link to my post about my palette

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