Lush Haul – 11th October 2012

Today I had a *rotten* day at work so I decided to go for some retail therapy afterwards as it was payday! 🙂 Loads of bloggers have been posting about the Christmas range from Lush Ltd so I popped in to the store to see it for myself.

It’s lovely to see some of the old favourites back and interesting to see some of them in a slightly reworked form! I was particularly interested to see the larger sized Snow White and interested to see that it now has a pink inside when I read about it in the Lush Times… It’s definitely on my ‘to buy’ list for nearer the festive season!

Anyway, enough waffle… What I did end up buying were the new cleanser (Let the Good Times Roll), one of the Halloween products (The Enchanter), and two bubble bars from the Christmas range (Christmas Eve and Bubblebeard).

I have to admit, I’m particularly in love with Bubblebeard! It’s so cute and doesn’t look at all Christmassy so I don’t mind using it this early in the year!

Would you use these products all year round if they were available? What do you think of the Christmas range this year? Are you ever too old for bubble beards? 😉

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7 Responses to Lush Haul – 11th October 2012

  1. foodieboomboom says:

    What’s the good times roll one?

  2. I love Bubblebeard it smells beautiful and is as cute as a button!

  3. theoxfordowl says:

    Ooh, I might have to go and buy an Enchanter right now, it sounds incredible!

  4. cecibawden says:

    Let The Good Times roll is gorgeous, I’ve got to get some after my shift on Saturday!

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