Estée Lauder purchases – September 2012

The Estée Lauder counter is one that I often ‘linger’ at when in Debenhams. I have both Doublewear and Doublewear light as my main foundations in my kit and love them! Ecru in Doublewear is my perfect shade and 2.0 is the perfect shade for my sister in Doublewear Light so these are both items that I have purchased as non-kit items.

I recently went on a bit of a spree in Debenhams and branched out on my usual Estée Lauder purchases. I bought a new Ecru for myself but also made my first foray into the lip products.

The first item I picked up was a Pure Colour lipgloss in Simply Pink (6ml) – which to me is a nude/coral colour and not at all pink so I’m not sure why they chose the name! I love this lipgloss and it has gotten *so* much wear. I’ve been pairing it with a nude lipliner and lipstick for the perfect nude lip. The fact that it has no shimmer and leaves a beautiful glossy finish makes it perfect for all occasions in my opinion. A little goes a long way with this so, thus far, it seems like a good investment – even if it did set me back €21.50! 🙂

My second item is one which has gotten a little less love so far – mainly cos I’ve been wearing item one! 😉 It’s an Estée Lauder Pure Color Vivid Shine Lipstick Luminizer in Gunmetal (cost €24). Quite a mouthful of a name, especially if you try to say it quickly! This was sold to me as a product you apply over your lipstick in order to alter the shade of it. I was informed that it essentially works by adjusting the undertone of the shade. I’ve tried this with one or two lipsticks so far and I am impressed with both the product and the idea so I will do a separate blog post on this before too long!

What brands do you automatically linger at? Would you spend €21.50 on 6ml of lipgloss? Have you already? 😉

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