Soap & Glory Lid Stuff

Soap & Glorys Lid Stuff palette is a great neutrals palette. I love this and have it in my ‘essentials’ makeup bag as I feel it can bring me from a day look, into a night one easily enough. The eyeshadows are good quality with plenty of pigment overall (although this varies between the shadows). The casing is sturdy and can withstand being hacked around a bit.

There isn’t a massive amount to say about this palette unfortunately. For it’s price it is well worth investing in if you are looking for some neutrals, particularly if you want matte shades as 3 of the 4 shades are matte which is unusual! There are no real downs to this product – what you see, is what you get!

You can purchase Soap & Glory cosmetics in larger Boots stores.

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1 Response to Soap & Glory Lid Stuff

  1. I love this little palette too!

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