Review: Sleek Matte Palettes

As a makeup artist I wanted to have a good range of matte eyeshadows in my kit. Matte shadows photograph better as shimmer can cause the flash in photography to reflect. When I saw that Sleek were launching two matte palettes I decided that it was finally time for me to invest in some of the palettes that are so widely vlogged and blogged about! When I got the palettes in the post the first thing that struck me was how sturdy they were and how big a mirror was in them – both massive positives for me! They come in a beautiful black casing that looks really stylish and, of course, sleek! 😉

The Sleek Ultra Matte iDivine – V1 Brights palette has a great range of colours. They’re not colours you would wear on a daily basis but they allow for some really imaginative looks without having to spend a fortune on single eyeshadows. These colours are also great for using with other more muted colours for a pop of colour if you aren’t brave enough to wear them on their own.

The Sleek Ultra Matte iDivine – V2 Darks palette has a great selection of colours to allow you to complete both day and night looks. There are some great neutral shades in addition to some darker shades, perfect for a smokey eye look!

For both of these palettes I would recommend using a primer with the eyeshadows as I found them to be a little chalky at times. I think I have been spoilt by using Inglot and Urban Decay eyeshadows. One other critique I have is that the shades are named but the information is contained on a plastic sheet that fits over the eyeshadows which is easily misplaced. However, for the value you can’t really go wrong with these! Prices for the palettes are approximately €9-€10 depending on where you buy them.

You can get the brights palette here or here
You can get the darks palette here.

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2 Responses to Review: Sleek Matte Palettes

  1. Nicole says:

    I love sleek palettes!

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