One of my favourite websites for makeup and brushes is Cloud10Beauty. I have mentioned this site in passing in my posts on Real Techniques and Sleek Pout Paints but I really feel that it’s worth having a post on its own.

The Cloud10Beauty website stocks brands such as Sleek, All About Eve, Paese Cosmetics, Essie, Sanctuary, Real Techniques, Sigma and many more. They cover a wide range of products and allow for a wide range of budgets.

Cloud10Beauty is also a shining example of how companies should do customer service!

  • Their interaction on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook is brilliant.
  • I have often received my orders within 24 hours of being placed with them (standard delivery) and it never goes past 2-3 days to receive an order (weekends aside).
  • You receive Beauty Points for each order placed and can earn extra points by reviewing up to 6 products a month. These points are redeemable on future orders and you can choose to use any amount (up to €10 as far as I know) to part-pay for your purchases.
  • They have also brought in a brilliant system whereby you can order samples of foundation to try before you buy. These samples cost €1 each or you can receive up to 3 free with any order. They’re quite a generous size so you can give it a proper trial to see if it suits your skin and to do a colour match. No more spending €28+ on a foundation you will never use!
  • They also give you three free samples of other products (e.g. mascara, lipgloss, skincare products) with each order.
  • Delivery is a very reasonable €3 for standard delivery – or free if you spend more than €50.

Have you ever ordered from Cloud10Beauty? Is there anything on their site that is catching your eye at the moment?

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5 Responses to Cloud10Beauty

  1. babodpower says:

    I love Cloud10Beauty! I order from them all the time and i agree with everything you’ve said above,their service is second to none! The only place i would buy Sigma brushes and the beauty points are a total bonus.

  2. Inci says:

    I orderes on cloud10beauty from Turkey some sigma and real techniques brushes their international delivery is very quick as well.I received my parcel 3 days later after my order and 5 days later when it’s weekend. I had no customs issues even up to 100euros.I really like their customer seevice as well they answer quickly when i get touch in they credited quickly my beauty points when i was billed two times shipping price by mistake.

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