Sleek Pout Paints

I love watching makeup videos on YouTube and it was through those that I first heard of OCC Lip Tars and Sleek Pout Paints. Both are similar enough products as far as I am aware. The idea is that you can use the colours in the form that you purchase them or mix them to make a custom colour. I have bought seven of the Sleek Pout Paints from Cloud10Beauty with the intention being that I can custom make pretty much any shade within reason.

If you haven’t come across the Pout Paints in the past you are probably looking at the pic above and thinking “Blue? She has lost the plot!” Blue is perfect for darkening the colours slightly and it also makes your teeth look whiter. Red is the only one that I have really worn lots and I love it. I also got loads of compliments on it. I’ve also been playing around and experimenting with the colours lots and am really impressed with the colours I have managed to make. I think these will be perfect in my makeup kit and they are also great for travelling. A little goes a *really* long way so these are great value for money.

You can buy these from Cloud10Beauty here and they cost a mere €5.70 each! Will you be purchasing?

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2 Responses to Sleek Pout Paints

  1. These are awesome would love to see the blue one in real life!

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