Red Lips

I’ve spoken before about my obsession with the search for the perfect red lipstick. It was only recently when I was tidying up my stash that I realised just how many red products I have…

The sad thing is that I suspect this isn’t all my red products… My Decisive liquid lipstick from Lush isn’t included for one thing… Nor is my Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in F-Bomb… Nor my lipgloss or lipliner from ARTDECOs Dita Von Teese range… Perhaps I should stop now!

I love to do a red lip and I really find it gives me a boost of confidence on nights out. Do you like the look? Is it one you would wear?

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6 Responses to Red Lips

  1. c0sm3ticaddicti0n says:

    I love a bold lip. It’s super easy because with bright lips you don’t need to go overboard on the rest of your makeup.

  2. which is your fav red lip? i’m on the lookout for a good red lipstick too! 🙂

    • Currently I am loving the red Pout Paint from Sleek and the Decisive liquid lipstick from Lush. I find with red there are so many shades that its really up to the individual. Personally I love crimson-y colours but that might not be your thing at all!

  3. Red lips are everything right now — especially oxblood. I love bright red lips paired with a nude eye.

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