Real Techniques Purchases

Real Techniques brushes are the brainchild of pro makeup artist Samantha Chapman – one half of Pixiwoo. They are available from Boots and from Cloud10Beauty in Ireland.

I am *obsessed* with makeup brushes but had resisted the lure of these particular brushes up until Cloud10Beauty had a particularly good offer recently. This was about the same time that I realised I had a significant number of points to redeem so I figured it was a sign from the Universe! I ended up purchasing the Starter Set, Core Collection and the stippling brush.

I’ve only used the brushes a few times so far so haven’t managed to use them all yet. I am loving this as a travel set as they can all be transported in the case from one of the collections and they cover all situations. I’m really looking forward to using them all and giving you a proper review before too long!

Have you invested in these brushes? And do you just love Pixiwoo tutorials as much as I do??

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7 Responses to Real Techniques Purchases

  1. Just ordered some and I am BEYOND excited! Looking forward to your review 🙂

  2. notyetqualified says:

    I keep meaning to try these out (but I MEAN to do a lot of things and they never get done! haha.) But hopefully your review will convince me. 😉 Thanks for the reminder x

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