Liz Earle Purchases

I recently received my first Liz Earle order having placed it on the website just one week beforehand. I chose to order three trial sized products as I hate being left with stuff that I won’t use. Delivery cost €6.25 which I wasn’t too impressed with but when I got my delivery all was forgiven! Each of my three items were beautifully individually wrapped, I got a free gift of a trial size Cleanse and Polish with muslin cloth, samples of the new skin tint and literature on the full product range. For me, it was definitely value for money and a very positive experience as a first time customer!

The three items I purchased were:
Cleanse & Polish™ Hot Cloth Cleanser (30ml tube + 1 muslin cloth) €6.50
Intensive Nourishing Treatment Mask™ (15ml tube + 1 muslin cloth) €6.25
Brightening Treatment Mask™ (15ml tube + 1 muslin cloth) €6.25

I have used up almost the entire Cleanse and Polish already and while I do love it I find it slightly drying in comparison to other hot cloth cleansers that I have tried. I have only used the brightening mask once. It is not recommended for sensitive skin so I didn’t really give it a proper try and will probably pass it to a friend to try out instead. I have only used the nourishing mask once and I have to say, I am loving it! I think it will be a definite repurchase for me. Its the first mask that I have used that I can actually feel my skin being more nourished afterwards and it feels really luxurious to use. The real winner for me in this order though is the muslin cloths! They are fabulous; much sturdier than others I have used, a perfect size and easy to wash and dry. They can be bought on their own on the site so I may be investing in some more before too long!

Have you used any Liz Earle products? How important is delivery charge (and what you actually get for it) to you when it comes to ordering online?

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