Review: Essence Snow White nails range

Having read lots about this limited edition nail range from Essence I was certain that I didn’t need it and wouldn’t be buying it. I already have more than enough nail polish so I really felt that I would be saving my money… Yet, when I came across this range last weekend, somehow the three toppers and the Snow White polish all ended up coming home with me. …Purely for the blog of course! 😉

The red polish is the Snow White polish. It is a red jelly varnish. In the picture you can see how it builds up from one to three coats (left to right). With only one coat it is passable but slightly on the streaky side. It also veers a little more towards pink than towards red. As the colour builds up the colour becomes redder and it has a beautiful shine on it. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to wear this out!

I have to admit that I am more than a little in love with the toppers in this range. They are:
Evil Queen (01) ~  a clear-based polish with large purple hex glitter.
The Huntsman (02) ~ a clear-based polish with two tones of gold in the glitter. The micro glitter is a darker gold then the hex glitter, which is lighter. Added to this are irregular shaped shards of iridescent glitter that make it really unique.
Prince Charming (03) ~ a clear-based polish with fine silver and holo glitter with large blue hex glitter.

Initially I was most excited about the purple topper (Evil Queen) but when swatched it was actually my least favourite of the three. All of the polishes have a good level of glitter on first coat and how much you build it up really depends on your own personal preference. Like all glitter polishes they can take a bit of work to disperse the glitter adequately but it is well worth the effort!

I’m most looking forward to trying The Huntsman (gold) over the Snow White polish as I reckon it would make a lovely combination.

What way would you layer these toppers? Have you been tempted by this range at all?

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