Review: Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes

Some time back had a megadeal which offered a 12 piece face and eye brush set from Blank Canvas Cosmetics for €44 instead of the RRP of €91. At the time I was studying to be a makeup artist and had been relying mainly on cheaper brushes so decided to take the chance on the offer as a pre-exam treat to myself. You can find the exact set here and the good news is that the price has come down since Pigsback priced it! 😉

The set contains:
001 Powder Brush (High grade goat bristles)
002 Double ended Foundation/Concealer Brush (Synthetic bristles)
003 Small Duo Fibre Brush (Made of a blend of natural goat and synthetic fibres)
004 Blush Brush (High grade goat bristles)
005 Large Precision Concealer Brush (Synthetic bristles)
006 Tapered Blending Brush (High grade goat bristles)
007 Flat Eye Shading Brush (Synthetic bristles)
008 Small Angled Shading Brush (High grade pony hair)
009 Precision Pencil Brush (Synthetic bristles)
010 Small Blending Brush (High grade pony hair)
011 Angled Brow / Liner Brush (Synthetic bristles)
012 Precision Eyeliner Brush (Synthetic bristles)
A handbag sized foundation brush (synthetic bristles) was also included.

The brushes came in a lovely brush roll with 12 compartments to hold the brushes securely and help them to maintain their shape. It is made from polyurethane fabric which while looking as smart as leather is animal cruelty free. This fabric is durable and soft which makes for a brush roll that is easy to roll up with ties to keep your makeup brushes secure and in place helping to maintain their shape. A big plus for this brush roll is that it is very easy to wipe clean while also looking well.

Out of this set the brushes I have used most are the powder brush (001), the duo fibre brush (003), the blush brush (004), the travel sized foundation brush, and the eye brushes (007, 008, 010, 011).

There are only two complaints that I would have about this set. The first is that I find the concealer brush on the double ended brush (002) can get a little out of shape when stored in the brush roll. I have had to start storing it using a brush guard so that the damage is not permanent. The second complaint is in relation to the tapered blending brush is that it is very large and in my case I have a relatively small eye area to work with so it’s impractical for me to use it for its intended purpose. Aside from that this is a brush set that I would *highly* recommend!

I actually prefer the brushes in this set to some of my Sigma brushes and it does such a good job that (so far!) I cannot understand given the price difference what a MAC brush would be able to do for me that BCC and Sigma don’t! All of the brushes can be bought individually so you also don’t need to commit to buying the full set if you know in your heart and soul that you will only use a limited number of the brushes.

The next item I plan on buying from them is the Brush holder which can be found here. At €22 including postage it’s a bargain in my opinion!

Oh, and did I mention that Blank Canvas Cosmetics is an Irish company?!? 🙂 Yep! So you are guaranteed not to get stung by customs if you order from them, shipping time should be quicker and you are supporting the Irish economy all while getting a really quality product! I think it’s a win/win situation – do you agree?

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8 Responses to Review: Blank Canvas Cosmetics brushes

  1. Katie says:

    LOVE make up brushes, I have a ridiculous obsession with them & will spend ages stroking them in stores! I really need a new set so I am now reading all your suggestions!


  2. Tina says:

    Ive just discovered Sigma brushes through YouTube and Im really tempted to buy loads! they look REALLY similar to BCC though (the brush cup holder is identical), which makes me wonder if they come from the same manufacturer. Is it worth buying Sigma brushes that look similar to BCC ones or are they the same quality? I have the kit above but I wanted to expand a bit, but theres no point in doubling up or spending more than I have to.
    Thanks 🙂

    • They’re similar quality but I don’t think they are from the same manufacturer. There are differences between the brushes that look most similar – for example the BCC 004 brush and the F40 from Sigma. The Sigma brush is about half the size of the BCC one. If there are any particular brushes you’d like me to review from either let me know and if I have them I will!

      • Tina says:

        Awesome that would be great! The sigma brushes I was looking at buying were the E25, E40, F10, E35, F35 and E50. Do you think there’s any there that I wouldn’t need having the “my face and eye” BCC kit already? No point if they’re pretty much the same. Or are there any other equivalent BCC ones you’d recommend ?
        Thanks a mill,

      • No problem. Not home this weekend so don’t have my full collection with me but will do it as a requested post as soon as I can!

  3. This is a fantastic and thorough blog. Love your site! – you have a fabulous collection of brushes xx I find the ELF cases are awesome – only £5. But the brushes are ‘ok’ Just reviewed them myself! –

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