Review: Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon

After my review of Rose Queen ballistic from Lush I continued on my quest for a rose scented bath with minimum fuss and clean-up. One of the sales assistants recommended that I try one of the new Bubbleroons and the Rose Jam scent jumped out at me.

A bubbleroon is a new form of bubblebar modelled on macaroons and is designed to be used over two baths (or just one if feeling particularly opulent) as Lush Mafia were aware that most of us were splitting our bubble bars anyway!

Rose Jam Bubbleroon is simply amazing! In fact, that really is my entire review only for the fact that I’m figuring ye’d like a few details on why. The scent from half of the bubbleroon is enough to fragrance pretty much the entire upstairs of my house. It’s a fabulous rose scent with a sweetened edge on it that just seems to perfect it. This bubbleroon also contains extra virgin olive oil and Shea butter which result in the most beautiful water and extra soft skin when you finally get out of the bath! The water turns a milky pink and the bubbles are just fabulous. I honestly don’t know what else anyone would want from a bubble bath product!

Rose Jam bubbleroon costs €4.50/£3.50 and is available here or instore.

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