“Budget” Brands in my Stash – Part 2

You can read part one of this post here.

Continuing with my showcasing of “budget brands” that I rate as high quality I am now turning my focus to brands that are available in places other than Boots essentially!

Catrice and Essence

(Top) Essence
(Bottom) Catrice

Catrice and Essence are sister brands and are relatively new in Ireland. They are now being stocked in most Penneys stores as far as I know but can also be found in many pharmacies and the occasional Dunnes stores. They are probably best known for their nail varnishes (of which I have many!) but I wanted to show you some of the makeup products that I use belonging to them. I’ve only recently discovered the eyeshadow base from Essence that is shown in the top picture. So far I am loving it and I think it may actually rival the Urban Decay primer potions but I’m not sure if its that I feel able to use it more liberally given that it is a fraction of the cost! The concealer palette from Catrice is also something that I would recommend. It costs a mere €3.99 and is great to ensure that you have a good colour match as you can mix the shades to your own skin tone. It also contains green and pink colour correctors so covers all eventualities!

MUA (Makeup Academy)

My MUA palettes

Other MUA products

Makeup Academy products can be purchased in Superdrug or online here. They are the ultimate in bargain cosmetics in my opinion.  I highly rate all of their cosmetics that I have tried but the palettes are my favourites. It cost only £4 for each of the palettes shown above – that’s a mere 33.3pence per colour! The eyeshadow singles are £1, the lipglosses are £1 and the lipstick was £1. In fact, thats what most of their cosmetics are priced at! The MUA Professional range is slightly more expensive but still very affordable.

I’m not sure how easy it is to get the full range of products instore in Ireland as I don’t live near a Superdrug anymore. I was lucky enough that my sister lived in the UK when the palettes were launched and was able to pick them up for me. She’s now living back in Ireland (thankfully) so when I need replacements (or the newer palettes!) I will be popping onto the website to purchase. Shipping seems quite reasonable at £4.95 for European delivery and £7.50 for international delivery. They also accept Paypal which is a massive plus!

Random items

Pictured above I have a lipstick from NYC, a lipstick from Avon, silver glitter liner from Avon and a white eyeshadow from Bourjois.

NYC is available in many of the same locations as Catrice and Essence. It’s also available in Superdrug. It’s not a product I have used much of outside of this lipstick but I have read some rave reviews of it recently so am keeping an eye out to see what I *need* from them! 😉

Avon is available from people (not just ladies as far as I know!) who drop the catalogue to your house and collect it a few days later. You pay for the products on the day you receive them and delivery tends to be within ten days or so depending on your representative. You can contact your local representive by checking out their Irish website here and filling in their contact form. I have used Avon makeup for years when I have been able to get it. (I also highly rate their makeup brushes but more on that at a later stage!) Avon has a number of ranges of makeup, such as Colour Trend and Anew, which vary in price but the quality has never let me down!

Bourjois is another brand that is available in Boots and in many pharmacies throughout Ireland. It would possibly not be considered a ‘budget’ brand but given the amount of eyeshadow in their ‘little round pots’ and how highly pigmented they are I do consider them to be a bargain! I love this white one for applying to the inner eye to give a wide awake look and they have other colours that are very suitable for use as highlighter on the brow and cheekbones.

What are your bargain buys? Have you used any ‘budget’ products that you rate?

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2 Responses to “Budget” Brands in my Stash – Part 2

  1. Julie says:

    Love all of these brands, they are just so affordable and provide great looks for less! Great post! 🙂

    • Thanks Julie! Much as I love my Urban Decay etc I love using cheaper brands to experiment before paying a fortune on a colour that might not suit me!

      Really appreciate you checking out my blog & taking the time to comment. Must have a look at yours later!

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