“Budget” Brands in my stash – Part 1

I adore makeup – it’s no secret! It’s the one thing that I will spend money on despite knowing that I have more than enough at home. I can walk past shoes, leave back clothes… Makeup is my passion!

I was having a discussion about makeup with a good friend recently and the subject turned to accessibility of high end makeup brands  – both financially and geographically. It’s a fact that not everyone can afford a makeup bag full of MAC or the likes. (I know I can’t!) It’s also a fact that given the limited number of places that sell MAC, Bobbi Brown, Bare Minerals and such brands if you live outside of the bigger cities they are more difficult to get your hands on. She spoke of not being sure of brands on offer and told me that this is why she often reaches for the Avon catalogue as she can examine it and make her choices in the unhurried quiet of her own home (when the kids are in bed!).

This this made me think and of course lead to me pulling out my (rather extensive) makeup collection to see what “budget” products I had and what I would recommend… I have to be honest, I was surprised at how many of my much loved products fell into this range! I think they’re a real example that cheap price does not mean poor quality.

My love for these products is so extensive that this post is going to be broken into two so watch out for the second part coming your way! In this first post I am focusing on items that can be bought in Boots (and Superdrug in one case). These posts are just a brief overview and I will do more indepth reviews of the products in time to come.

Collection 2000

Collection 2000 goodies

Collection 2000 have recently rebranded to Collection and their products are available in Boots and Superdrug. As far as I am aware they are not available to buy online in Ireland but you can have a look at the range of products here. There isn’t a massive amount I can say about them except that I have never had a negative experience with them. My particular favourites would be the three items in the bottom photo: Smokey Eye palette, Extreme 24 Hour felt tip liner and the Lasting Perfection concealer (which is *very* highly rated by makeup artists).


17 products

17 is a Boots own brand range. You can’t buy from Boots online in Ireland (so far anyway) but you can check out the range on the UK website here. I particularly love the eyeliners from the 17 range and found their Soft Liner felt tip liner was the first product that I could do a real ‘flick’ with. I also love their Liquid Eyeliner.

Natural Collection

Natural Collection products

Natural Collection is another Boots brand and you can see the full range here. I love their range for when I am doing an understated look. They have a great range of matte eyeshadows but my particular favourite products would be the blushers, bronzers and loose powder. These are all items I have in my own personal makeup bag as well as including them in my makeup kit.

That’s all for the first part of this post. Part two will follow soon!

PS: Edit to say that part 2 is now here.

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