Review: Lush Twilight bath ballistic

I recently made another tip to Lush specifically with the purchasing of this bath ballistic in mind! Twilight is one of Lush’s larger bath ballistics and is the newer formula which fizzes slower as it is multi-layered. It costs €3.95/£3.20 and can be found here as well as instore.

As you can see from the pictures below the layers to the Twilight ballistic change in colour from pink to blue. This ends up resulting in a purple tinge to the water. The pink outer layer is the one that leaves the beautiful froth on the top of the water and the glitter is contained in the blue layer. My one criticism is that the ballistic can take what seems like forever to fizz away and sometimes the last pieces of the shell can need a helping hand to disintegrate.

Twilight is the perfect ballistic for before bed as it contains Lavender oil but it also isn’t overly floral due to the presence of Tonka Absolute which gives it a more ‘malty’ scent. It’s difficult to pinpoint the scent exactly and all I can describe it as is relaxing. There is also a small amount of iridescent glitter in this ballistic. It’s a small enough amount of a subtle glitter that it doesn’t prove annoying but there is something very therapeutic about how it looks in the water… Or maybe that’s just me!

I would definitely recommend this ballistic to anyone looking for something to use in a nice, relaxing pre-bed bath!

Do you have anything that helps you sleep? What are your favourite bedtime products?

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5 Responses to Review: Lush Twilight bath ballistic

  1. foodieboomboom says:

    That’s it. I’m going to Lush today. Just don’t tell the Mr or he’ll confiscate my wallet 😦

    • If you like rose scents I’d also recommend the Rose Jam bubbleroon! 😉 I’m heading to Lush myself today to get a look at the Emotional Brilliance range. Can’t wait!

      • foodieboomboom says:

        I tend to like their more fruity ones, the blackberry bath bomb and the avocado one (can’t remember the names!) are my favourites but I do love a scout round there. And I have old pots to return so they owe me a free face mask!

      • Avobath! Have you tried Dragons Egg? It’s an orangey scent. Or Fizzbanger which is a kind of sweet appley scent? I think Phoenix Rising is supposed to be fruity too but I haven’t used it yet.

        I get super excited about Lush stuff, sorry!

      • foodieboomboom says:

        Don’t apologise, I’m writing all of this down! 🙂

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