Review: Rose Queen ballistic

I recently purchased the Rose Queen ballistic from Lush.

It costs €3.25 (£2.50) and is one of the smaller sized ballistics. I’m a big fan of rose scents and this bath bomb is absolutely amazing.

It fizzed quickly releasing beautiful scents – and a substantial amount of petals and flowers! I’m afraid this isn’t something I really enjoy in the bath so I’ll be honest and say that this time around it was a wasted bath. I couldn’t face sitting there with the petals floating around so instead I drained the bath and chose something else!

You may be surprised to read this but I will still purchase this ballistic again. Next time I will “sock” the ballistic so that the petals aren’t released into the bath and I can still enjoy the amazing scent and beautiful pale pink coloured bath water.

Link on the website:

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